[Wine] Need help setting up app with Mac OS X Leopard

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 18 10:13:24 CST 2010

Alex Zachopoulos wrote:
> I have d/l Wine and would like to prepare a Windows app to run on
> Leopard.
> Any tips for a complete newbie? Nothing seems to happen when I run
> Wine, other than the little half-full (or is it half-empty?) glass on
> the menu bar.
Nice disclaimer.  Worthless but nice...

You did not mention where you got Wine from nor the program name, so
attempting to provide assistance may prove futile.  However, you can try
looking in the Applications Database for assistance for the program. 
For assistance installing and setting up Wine please read the FAQ and
the MacOSX specific web page.

James McKenzie

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