[Wine] Crossloop netsh error?

georgecz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 18 15:07:42 CST 2010

Hello - 

New Ubuntu 9.1 user and Wine 1.0.1 user.
Was recently hospitalized and am confined to my bed.. have laptop with all installed so I can access web etc... Have all my programs on computer desktop in other room.  Installed Wine and attempted install of a program called 'crossloop' for remote access.  It starts to install but get an errors stating - unable to execute file C:windows/system/netsh Create process failed code 2 - file not found' .  I know windows isn't installed so their is no such directory.. 

Is there any work around for this? Maybe simple as creating the directory and putting a copy of the file?

Any help would be appreciated..


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