[Wine] Re: Hos to set stack size

jeffz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 19 03:25:26 CST 2010

The.coder wrote:
> Well i'm playing warcfraft3 online and some hackers use stack_overflow to disconnect other players.Since i dont have the source code of warcraft III, my only way is to increase the stack size allowed by wine.
> Basically wine/warcraft3 crash with a stack_overflow exception.

that's a little alarming, but if you really want what you ask for:

This program should set the stack size:


usage: pe2 filename SizeOfStackReserve

so, to set wc3.exe to 8MB reserve stacksize, use 8290304

If you mean the commit size rather than reserve, then change 'Reserve' to 'Commit' and recompile and re-apply.

be sure to backup your wc3.exe before running this.

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