[Wine] uninstalling programs under Wine

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Thu Jan 21 21:14:06 CST 2010

droid wrote:
> I have several programs installed under Wine, but one of them doesn't work.  How can I uninstall it?  I searched this forum, but haven't found a match.
Same way as on Windows--by running the uninstaller (if it has one). And
just like on Windows, there's several ways to run it:

- If the program created a shortcut to the uninstaller, you can run that.
- Otherwise, you can use Wine's "Add/Remove Programs" Control Panel
(it's similar to Windows' own "Add/Remove Programs"). Just run the Wine
Control Panel like so from the command line:

 wine control

and open the "Add/Remove Programs" applet.

But be warned: some uninstallers don't work fully yet in Wine. You may
have to remove stuff manually.


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