[Wine] Re: D3D Registry Entries Not Working

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 23 01:06:15 CST 2010

node357 wrote:
> Hi vitamin. I'm no expert on shaders, but I do remember, I used to use UseGLSL=disabled to make certain games run a lot smoother.

That means those games were using shader features available in DX7. Nothing newer. So yeah, this almost means running TF2 in "dxlevel 70" mode, if it would have one.

node357 wrote:
> That doesn't happen anymore. The graphics are the same no matter what I do, and the game hitches up badly.

My guess Wine started to offer more complete shader support when using ARB backend. File bugs about TF2 being slow in default config.

I've personally gave up on ever getting TF2 working on Wine reliably enough to be able to play online. Playing demos/training maps is the only thing Wine could more-less do.

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