[Wine] Re: Borderlands DVD Gamespy & DLC1 not working w/ patch (...

we6jbo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 23 14:32:04 CST 2010

I was using the guide posted here http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=18686&iTestingId=47494 ("HOWTO") to install Borderlands. I'll go ahead and upgrade Wine to the latest version from last night though I don't think that will solve my problem. If it does though I'll let you know here. 

I also read a little about binfmt. I don't see where I'm using it here. The shell script, runborderlands 

echo Welcome to Borderlands log - `date +%D` >> /home/we6jbo/Backup/Borderlands.log
cd ~/".wine/drive_c/Program Files/2K Games/Gearbox Software/Borderlands/Binaries"
pwd >> /home/we6jbo/Backup/Borderlands.log
export WINE_VERSION=wine1134mouse
wine "Borderlands.exe" $@
sleep 1; echo -e "Backing up Borderlands save directory\a";
tar -cvf ~/Backup/`date +%N`backup.tar ~/"My Games"/ >> ~/Backup/Borderlands.log
sleep 1; echo -e "Done\a";

There were reports that the save game files get corrupted so I use the script to backup the save directory and to export WINE_VERSION as it said in the HOWTO guide.

There's also another Binary directory above the first which contains Borderlands.exe. From what I've read, it says that I'm not suppose to use that one though I have tried using it and it gives me a bunch of errors and then quits.

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