[Wine] Problem with encoding at an ebook

ge0rge007 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 24 04:42:10 CST 2010

Hello all! 
I have installed wine because i have an ebook that is at exe format and i hope i can read it from linux.
I am using Debian squeeze with wine 1.0.1 and gecko 0.1.0.
I can open the ebook but i can't see the characters right.The ebook is in greek and here is an image of what it looks like:
As you can see the English text is just fine.

One friend tell me that i have to add this line to gecko :

prefs.setCharPref("intl.charset.default", "windows-1253");

I have added it to several files like wine_gecko/greprefs/all.js but didn't work.

Thanks for your time! :)

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