[Wine] Looking for developers trying to build Windows apps on Wine

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 13:14:50 CST 2010

>> Visual Studio 2005trial  installed fine. It took a very long time and
>> appeared to stall (no progress but little cpu or disk) at times but it
>> did complete. I got most of my build tools installed. I use
>> cmake-2.8.0. Anyways the first step is to build Qt 4.6.0 under visual
>> studio. I tried that 3 to 5 times in a couple of different methods
>> (msbuild, vcbuild, ide, nmake) but was not successful. The
>> multithreaded building methods (ide - batch build, vsbuild,msbuild)
>> did not use multiple threads and crashed during the build. nmake was
>> slow and I believe also exhibited the pauses like I mentioned in
>> installing visual studio. I am a little too busy at the day job to
>> spend much more time right now at this.
> Coincidentally, I got Chrome to link in Visual Studio 2005 trial today.
> And there was one step in the build process where I had to
> tell it to only use one process, or it would misbehave.
> It's also important to run the pdb server manually and make it persistent,
> else you can get hangs.

This seems to have improved things a lot.

wine mspdbsrv -start -spawn

> The hang during install is very different, it's a known issue with msi,
> not related to the hangs building things with visual studio that
> happen if you don't start the pdb server by hand.  (I have my
> build script start it.)
> Maybe I'll have a look at building Qt, then.  Feel like filing a quick
> bug report about it?

I found a way to get Qt installed. I installed the VisualStudio2008 version


Then inside that I reconfigured it for 2005
(QMAKESPEC="win32-msvc2005") and rebuilt it entirely using nmake.

After Qt built I started building the libraries needed for this
project. These libraries use cmake to generate project files. The
first configure in the cmake-gui of cmake-2.8.0 on each project fails
with no progress after the first step however closing the window then
starting again with cmake-gui then works. After that I can load the
project with visual studio and all builds fine. I had to add an
environment variable for cmake to get my configs to work. For some
reason cmake thinks my 32 bit wine install under 64 bit gentoo is a 64
bit machine and then in my CMakeLists.txt file I detect a 64 bit
machine and then use the environment variable ProgramW6432 which was
not set in my environment. At this point I have 2 out of 5 libraries
(in house stuff) built. I will try the rest as soon as I can.


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