[Wine] New user question

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 16:34:50 CST 2010

> Hello.  I'm on a WinXP system with the Wubi install of Ubuntu running.
> I'm very anxious to get Wine working.
> Is it possible for me to access the full c: drive using Wine?  When I
> click on the C: drive choice in the Wine menu, I get a very small subset
> of what's actually on my c: drive.  There are text files in other
> folders under Windows that I'd like to access.
> Can Wine do this?
No. The C: drive in wine is completely different from your C: in
windows. It is intentionally difficult to mount the windows C: as wine
C: because doing so will corrupt both wine and your windows install
making wine misbehave and windows unable to boot. Now if you need to
access files (not programs) from your windows C: under wine mount your
windows drive in your linux filesystem. Consult your distribution for
instructions of that. And for programs, Install them directly in wine
the same as you would on an entirely different windows install.


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