[Wine] Can't Load PLUTO

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 24 20:41:48 CST 2010

Pluto wrote:
> First, thanks for your help.
> What to do?
It appears that the program is failing on a particular call.
> How can i file a bug report?
Please look at Wine's Bugzilla for information on how to file the
report.  I have also downloaded the program and will attempt to run it
on my Mac as well.  However, my results may not be valid since you are
using Debian and cannot (Debian builds do not exist for Intel Macs as
far as I know and I'm not willing or able to install it on my system.) 
Also, please look at the applications database to see if an entry exists
for your program.  Sometimes this can be of great assistance.

James McKenzie

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