[Wine] Global Agenda

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Sun Jan 24 23:55:54 CST 2010

pyrocide wrote:
> Is Global Agenda being planned to be ported to Wine?
You don't normally "port" apps to Wine. Wine runs Windows programs as if
they were being run on Windows itself. (Then again, you can build a
"Winelib" version of a Windows app, if you have the source.)

I see two things you may have meant by that question:

- Is the Wine project planning to support Global Agenda?
Yes and no. The goal of the Wine project is to support running all--or
most--Windows programs on Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, etc. We tend not to
focus on particular apps, though. It's true that developers and users
often have certain apps in mind, but for the most part, Wine is designed
to generally run Windows apps.

If you want to know if Wine supports running this app, try looking in
the Application Database (http://appdb.winehq.org ). If it's not there,
try running it yourself and posting the results there.

- Do the makers of Global Agenda plan to support Wine?
Probably not. But this is a question for whoever makes the program. And,
you never know.


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