[Wine] Re: Need help to get LCDHype flying with Parallel-Port

lsmod wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 25 08:59:22 CST 2010

My problem is that i am not a C-Programmer.
I already understand that the I/O communication is not implemented in wine in NT+ emulations.

The programmer of LCDHype is programming in C and he also would write a driver dll (or direct access in LCDHype), when he knows what he must do.
But this is not so easy here, because this "driver" has not to work like in windows and it is not the same like working in linux.
What i mean is the question in which way the program is "captured" in wine?

How this driver must be written that it has the needed access to the parallel port?
We don't have an idea how to bridge between the windows application through wine to the linux kernel?

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