[Wine] Wine doesn't work with any application running from CD / DVD

hyperhelium wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 26 02:35:09 CST 2010

I'm using wine (1.1.37) in Ubuntu Karmic and I can't install original software from a CD/DVD. Set-up.exe won't run because I need "Administrator privileges" or I need to be logged as an administrator.

I've searched exhaustively for a solution, but I have only found more and more people complaining about the same problem when trying to run either a game or any other software. No thread with a solution though.

I found an answer from Holly Bostick explaining the reason for this problem, apparently being windows version.

> The cause of this problem is most likely a combination of 2 factors:
> 1) The fact that Wine now defaults to 'emulating' Windows 2K by default,
> rather than Windows 98; and
> 2) The fact that many Windows programs of a certain type, when they were
> updated to work with Win2K from previous compatibility with Win98 (which
> does not have an Administrator), began to require Administrator
> privileges under 2K and higher to install. This usually happens with
> utilities like defrag utilities or other scanners/blockers/repair utils
> that can be run as a service. This at least makes sense, as in order to
> run as a service, the application has to hook into the
> M(icrosoft)M(anagement)C(onsole), which is an Administrator-only system
> application. But I have, oddly enough, seen programs which would seem to
> have no use for administrative privileges require them on installation;
> recent versions of PaintShopPro are one example of this.
> The 'solution' is to tell the application that it's being installed
> under Win98 (assuming that the program is willing to install under
> Win98), rather than 2K. Since as far as I know, there is no
> implementation of Windows' fairly sorry implementation of user privilege
> separation in Wine (meaning that, afaik, you cannot become the Windows
> Administrator under Wine), the only other option is to go back to the
> 'good old days' where it didn't exist (Win98).
>  Unfortunately that is not the solution either. When I tried the suggestion, I got a message saying the application could not run with the current version of Windows -because it's too old now, I guess.
> Is there a real solution for this? I can't find it anywhere. Unfortunately I've already erased my windows partition so I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere.
> Help would be much appreciated.
> Thx.

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