[Wine] Re: error 429 on vb6 app

k4king wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 26 04:26:01 CST 2010

error 429 usually means something it needs can not be found or is not registered in the (psuedo) windows environment, quite often an ActiveX control.

{66182EC4-AFD1-11d2-9CB9-0000F87A369E} seems to be tied to WinNTSystemInfo.

Not sure if that is something that is supposed to be available or needs to be installed?

Have you tried setting Wine to emulate different version of Windows?
(i.e. what version of real Windows do you have the VB app working on ?)

If you have the source including the project you should be able to find what the reference of {66182EC4-AFD1-11d2-9CB9-0000F87A369E} or WinNTSystemInfo is pointing to.

If you own VB6 you can install it under wine and debug that way.

check AppDB re getting VB6 running.

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