[Wine] help with a small custom patch?

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 27 18:55:41 CST 2010

anyone wanna help me with a small custom patch?  should be very minor.

I do not know where in wine this modification should take place, and 
basically... what I need is, when a program running in Wine tries to make a resolution change, I just need Wine to like echo back the resolution that was called, into.. somewhere... stdout, a file, whatever.... and thats it.

I need this to work around RANDR missing from Xquartz, so I can manually have another program change resolutions for me for fullscreen gaming on OSX.

I have everything worked out, except I need Wine to be abel to tell me what resolution was called.... is there somewhere I could already get this info... or I do not mind a small patch with aline of code or two that just reports this out somewhere i can read it.

You don;t have to write a full patch for me, just maybe some help of where to actually look in the source... where the info is and received... just something to get me going in the right direction?

If you can think of a better way to get this info from Wine without customizing it any.. I'm all for that, i just need to be able to get the resolution that is called for from the software...

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