[Wine] Which is the *Stable* download for Slackware?

Tim Johnson tim at johnsons-web.com
Wed Jan 27 20:00:04 CST 2010

* dimesio <wineforum-user at winehq.org> [100127 16:54]:
> Tim Johnson wrote:
> > 
> > and I'm not sure from what I see there - which is the stable
> > release for slackware 13.0?
> > Can anyone help?
> > thanks
> > 
> First you need to understand just what "stable" means here.
> "Stable" refers to the branch as a whole, which is "stable" in the
> sense of "doesn't change much." It does NOT mean that version will
> perform better or is less likely to crash. In most cases, the
> latest development release offers better performance and
> stability. 
 Thanks for explaining that.

> There have been only two releases so far in the stable branch,
> 1.0.0 and 1.0.1. It looks like Slackware only has the earlier
> package.  It also looks like the latest development release they
> have is 1.1.29, which is pretty out of date. The current
> development release is 1.1.37.  
  I have downloaded 1.1.37. 

> I have no more idea than you what version of Slackware these
> packages are for, or why there apparently hasn't been a new one in
> such a long time. Packages are built by the distros; you really
> should be asking about this on the Slackware forum, or contact the
> Slackware package maintainer.
  OK. Will ask on the slack forum. 

> Or you could just build Wine yourself.
  Looks like that is still what slackware packages are set up for.
  (I've just transition back to slack after several years with

  Thanks again for the reply.
tim at johnsons-web.com

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