[Wine] Re: Autocad on Wine 1.0.1 Ubuntu 9.1

mroberts000 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 28 00:48:58 CST 2010

I just compiled wine 1.1.37 and patched it with all the patches i could find and autocad is still way off from working i am trying to get a few people to work on some patches to make Autocad work better so if any of you would like to join in feel free to i can send you all the patches i have been able to find so far.Bricscad is a Autocad clone they are working on a native Linux version if anyone would like a native Linux software it isn't ready now and it will likely be the 2nd half of the year before it's ready but there working on a Autocad software for Linux.

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