[Wine] Volume Serial Number

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Thu Jan 28 09:46:16 CST 2010

k4king wrote:
> Can Wine support it ?
The Serial Number? Yes. You can set it in winecfg.
> Both on the drive_c under .wine or any mapped real win partitions ?
For real FAT or NTFS partitions, you'll have to set the serial number
manually in winecfg.
> If you drop into wine cmd and type 
> C:\>dir
> Volume in drive C is JUSTMYTEST
> Volume Serial Number is 0000-0000
> the JUSTMYTEST I was able to set using the label command and can see it is stored in the .windows-label file.
There's a similar file for the serial number, called .windows-serial .
> But the serial number is zero, the sysinternals volumeid utility returns 
>    Unable to open VWIN32 virtual device driver: Invalid parameter
Either it's designed for Windows 9x, or your Windows version is set to
Windows 95/98/ME. (I'm guessing it's the latter. I've heard of
sysinternals, but I haven't used this particular utility.)

The fact that it opens the VWIN32 VxD is a red flag to me. Win32
programs that open it typically use it to make DOS calls.

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