[Wine] My app doesn’t respond to keyboard shortcuts without focus.

aviad wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jan 29 11:25:19 CST 2010

Hello all.
First I would like to say that this is the first time I have tried to use wine and I was completely blown away that I was able to simply “next next finish” the app install as I would have on windows.

For that I thank you.

With that said, the application I’m trying to use needs to interact with the operating system… and as far as I can tell it is captivated to the wine “desktop”.

The application I’m using is a text to speech program I have been using on windows for several years now called “2nd Speech Center”.

The program has a 30 day trial that can be downloaded from here (http://www.zero2000.com/files/iiscsetup.exe).

There are two keyboard shortcuts that I primarily use with the program.

Ctrl+alt+E – starts to read the content of the clipboard
Ctrl+alt+C – stops the read

When I’m on the program, the shortcut combinations work flawlessly… however when I’m anywhere else on the system, they don’t.

I have checked that the key combinations are not taken by anything else on the system that I can find and changing them to something else doesn’t help.

How can I make the keyboard combinations work from the OS into wine?

My OS is Ubuntu 9.10x64
The wine version is the latest 1.1.37

In addition but less important, the program is supposed to listen to changes in the clipboard and read the text when it’s copied into it….

While I understand that this issue is probably caused by the same captivation that affects the key combinations and I can live without the feature… when on windows I do use it regularly and therefore would like to get it back if possible.

As I’m completely new to the wine program, any assistance you may offer will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any assistance, Aviad.

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