[Wine] Re: Color Management, icc files, and Photoshop CS2

Elle Stone wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jan 29 12:39:09 CST 2010

This is not a photoshop issue. Or not just a photoshop issue. I have another image processing program, PixInsight LE, that also insists on being told **by the operating system** what the default monitor profile is.

For windows 2000 the monitor profile (and other profiles) should be in c:/winnt/system32/spool/drivers/color (if I remember correctly). The location varies from one version of windows to the next. However, it is not enough to simply put the monitor profile in the right folder. There is a windows system function gui called "display" under the windows control panel where the windows user can tell the windows operating system which profile to use for the monitor. 

What this means for wine users is that ANY editing program that needs to find out from the operating system what the default monitor profile is, can't be color-managed under wine unless wine "feeds" the program whatever system information is needed to say "here, use THIS profile for the display" to the program that requests the information. 

At least as of CS2 (can't speak to more recent versions), Photoshop doesn't ask you what monitor profile to use and doesn't tell you what monitor profile it is actually using. There is absolutely no place and no way in photoshop itself to tell photoshop what monitor profile to use. Photoshop just consults the system default and then lists that profile in its dropdown "color settings" box without actually telling you which monitor profile it's using. If the operating system doesn't specify a monitor profile because none was set, then Photoshop assumes sRGB, even if the monitor profile IS listed. 

So if you think you have color management under wine with Photoshop, you probably don't  - I'd love to hear differently and be told how to achieve the glorious state of full color-managed applications under wine. But the more likely case is that you just have a monitor that is close enough to sRGB that you don't see the difference.

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