[Wine] HELP! i think i broke it!

David Shaw dj.shaw at btconnect.com
Sat Jan 30 11:10:26 CST 2010

specter51095 wrote:
> i have been useing wine for about a week now being new to linux and it was working fine but after the week went by it started bugging out and crashing on things i had done before i didnt add any winetricks or modify any files so being new to linux i googled how to uninstall wine because i was going to reinstall wine and i got alot of go to the synaptic package manager (im using ubuntu by the way) and uninstall it from their so thats what i did i deleted all the wine stuff (compleatly remove) from there then tried to reinstall it and it said fix broken packages before installing i checked and their were none so i went to the wine FAQ and followed all the removal comands in terminal so i went back and tryed to reinstall wine and i got the same thing please remove broken packages before installing and again i checked the synaptic manager and their was no broken packages what do i do

If, as you say, you really haven't added/deleted/changed any files then 
it's unlikely that you've done anything to break wine.  However, there 
have been a few reports of problems with Ubuntu updates causing problems 
recently and it might be that this is the cause of your troubles.  Your 
best course of action would be, I feel, to take this over to the Ubuntu 
forums to see about getting the broken packages problem fixed, then come 
back here if that doesn't cure your system.

David Shaw

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