[Wine] Re: How to call an internal wine function ?

Alex wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 30 12:45:39 CST 2010

Thanks for your answer but VkKeyScan* functions do not behave exactly as M$ ones (leading to a crash in my software but that's another problem) .

I tried to look at +relay,+keyboard,+key log but I still does not understand what's wrong (²).

If I could call them, I think the issue would be easier to find.

But you're maybe a 'real' developer who knows a better approach...

² : +trace does not trace internal functions so I can see LoadLibrary call with winex11.drv as parameter but not X11DRV_VkKeyScanEx one which is a bit frustrating when you want to understand what's going on internally

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