[Wine] Re: HELP! i think i broke it!

specter51095 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 30 16:48:27 CST 2010

DaVince wrote:
> Try moving or deleting /home/your_username/.wine, if you haven't done so yet. Also try removing ALL Wine packages you see in Synaptic and then ONLY install the wine1.2 package (preferrably from the Wine PPA).
> If Wine installs okay, try running a Windows app through the terminal and tell us what kind of terminal output you see.

k ill do that but how do i run a windows application in terminal what i used to get them over to linux is put them on a 16gb flashdrive and transfer them from another computer. then i would just rightclick and reconfigure all exes to run with wine instead so when i double clicked them in opened either a new wine desktop or added the program to my currently opened one,

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