[Wine] Re: Jedi Academy error with 1.1.32

Thunderbird wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 31 04:31:16 CST 2010

It might be useful to run using WINEDEBUG=+wgl. The buffer overflow might be related to a call glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS). A lot of quake3 based games don't expect a very long extension list. Two of the games it affects are Quake3 and Medal of Honor and I guess there are more. On Windows the drivers contain hacks to detect this issue and prevent it from happening.

The nvidia driver README also contains an entry about it:
Some applications, such as Quake 3, crash after querying the OpenGL extension string

    Some applications have bugs that are triggered when the extension string is longer than a certain size. As more features are added to the driver, the length of this string increases and can trigger these sorts of bugs.

    You can limit the extensions listed in the OpenGL extension string to the ones that appeared in a particular version of the driver by setting the __GL_ExtensionStringVersion environment variable to a particular version number. For example,

    __GL_ExtensionStringVersion=17700 quake3

    will run Quake 3 with the extension string that appeared in the 177.* driver series. Limiting the size of the extension string can work around this sort of application bug.

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