Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Sun Jan 31 01:08:56 CST 2010

drummerguy wrote:
> Ive tried both of the commands that are in the 'using wine' document but nothing happens... the first command asks for a password and then says;
> sudo: port: command not found
Let me guess... you're on a Mac, right?
> is the unistall done in the background!?!?
Nope. It didn't happen at all.

Uninstalling Wine depends on the way you installed it. The reason doing:

 sudo port uninstall wine
 sudo port uninstall wine-devel

didn't work is that you don't have MacPorts installed. And installing it
won't help because you didn't use it to install Wine.

to find out how to uninstall Wine in general.

But why do you want to uninstall Wine in the first place? If it's
because you trashed your WINEPREFIX, then you realize that you can just
delete it, right? See
for details.

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