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danielfish7700 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 31 12:48:27 CST 2010


I am a sysadmin for a small Orthodontic Office in Portland, OR.  I have been working on and off over the past year to convert away from Windows Desktops.  We have 3 apps which are holding us up.  Right now, I'm just looking for advice.  I don't expect anyone to magically have the answers... 

So here it goes:

2 of the apps seem to install no problem, it's the unlock codes / registration process that doesn't work.  Essentially these apps generate a serial code from details about the PC. (computername, ip address, ram, hdd serial number...).  Then we call the SW Developer with the PC serial number and they provide the "unlock code".  Basically what's happening with Wine, is the app installs OK, but it won't unlock.  I suspect that the calls to WMI or whatever is providing the info for the PCs serial number is not working.

Question:  Has anyone out there experienced anything like this?  Since this happened on 2 apps I am hoping that it's not too uncommon.

The other app is pretty weird.  It's SW for Invisalign.  Basically, you go to the invisalign website, and click on the links for current patients.  Then the link will launch a 3d modeling app to view and edit designs for Invisalign appliances.  The challenge for this one I suspect is that it really wants to use IE.  I've gotten IE to install via Wine, and the 3d modelling app to install via Wine.  But the link between them is broken.  Clicking on the link from the Invisalign website doesn't launch the 3d modeling app.

Any advice or next steps on either of these would be really great.

thanks in advance,


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