[Wine] Shortcut for Wine Program in Mac OS X

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Sun Jan 31 14:48:27 CST 2010

vitamin wrote:
> joebobthe13th wrote:
>> I want create a shortcut to Steam through wine so I don't have to enter in the full command in X11 every time I want to run wine.
> In Steam - right-click on a game, select create desktop shortcut. Should work, dunno if there are any issues with that on Mac.
I think he wants to run Steam itself.

Anyway, doing what vitamin said will succeed in creating a *Windows*
shortcut (.lnk), and you might even get a *XDG* shortcut (.desktop). But
if you want something that you can just double-click on, you're on your own.

You can do what doh123 said, and write a short AppleScript to launch
Steam (or a Steam game). You can even use the .desktop as a reference
(they're just text files, after all).

Someone right now is working on getting shortcut support for Mac into
Wine. Stay tuned...

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