[Wine] Lost buttons at page bottom in wine config!

ANDY21 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 2 17:09:42 CDT 2010

I am using 1.1.38 with Fedora 13, which I am new to and its a new set up for me. It worked ok at first and I installed my two accounts programs (which also have issues I'll bring up in the application section).
  I added these with wine config, hunting down the files and they went in ok and more or less run. Then I went to install AD-muncher by just clicking on the down loaded file and I was asked if I wanted to run it with wine, to which I said yes. that failed to install so I closed it and opened Wine config and added it there. 
  The problem is that the three buttons at the bottom of the page are not visible and are blanked out by the bottom toolbar. Dragging the window for wine config will move the top down but not bottom up. Changing the screen resolution to a higher setting in the system shrinks the wine config window and shows that the area where the buttons used to be is now just a frame of the desktop! 
  Any changes I make in wine config are lost as the only way I can get out is to close the window. Rebooting wine or the fedora does not solve the issue. 
   Any ideas? Should I remove wine (core or what?) with the package manager and reinstall or what. If i do that do I loose the c:/ disk and all the data files that I have copied?
  THANKS :?:

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