[Wine] Re: TF2 random quit

emsy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 3 19:25:41 CDT 2010

James McKenzie wrote:
> Terminal output and log file if too long (>20 lines) when this happens?
> http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#get_log
> James McKenzie

tried to lower all audio and video details to lowest
before one of the crashes the console says 

fixme:d3d_shader:print_glsl_info_log Error received from GLSL shader #57:
fixme:d3d_shader:print_glsl_info_log     Vertex info
fixme:d3d_shader:print_glsl_info_log     -----------
fixme:d3d_shader:print_glsl_info_log     0(10) : warning C7050: "R2.w" might be used before being initialized

this repeats around 13x with different shader #, but i don't think it's related... after the game shuts down, the console outputs 

err:ole:RevokeDragDrop invalid hwnd (nil)
fixme:font:WineEngRemoveFontResourceEx (L"c:\\steam\\steamapps\\accname\\team fortress 2\\tf\\resource\\tf2build.ttf", 10, (nil)): stub (repeated MANY times with different fonts)
fixme:avifile:AVIFileExit (): stub!
fixme:winmm:MMDRV_Exit Closing while ll-driver open
err:mmtime:TIME_MMTimeStop Timer still active?!

i'm running the game with 
wine /path/to/Steam/steam.exe -silent -applaunch 440 -window -novid -width 1280 -height 1024

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