[Wine] Unable to play Perfect World

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 4 13:12:43 CDT 2010

SteamInc wrote:
> I am unable to play perfect world. I installed it as the Wine Howto documents said i should. I installed DirectX and everything. But for some reason when i get to the chacter creation part of the game it freezes and wont respond, so I have to close it. Does anybody know how to fix this.
> I put everything in the registry like it said also.
If you could do a few things for us:

Linux distro and version (we are familiar with the wordy naming conventions)
Wine version (from a terminal session type in wine --version)
Video card, drivers and version (nVidia 8660 GT, propritary, 195.35 is 
an example).

And if you can provide it, the version of Perfect World and if you 
patched it with any manufacturer/non-manufacturer patches (no-cd cracks 
are acceptable.)

James McKenzie

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