[Wine] Headless WINE (nulldrv, winetty)

boulderdrop wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 14 13:11:20 CDT 2010

I'm running a headless Linux installation (FC11) on Amazon EC2 and need to run some console-based (no window) 32-bit DOS executables...

I've been running this fine for the past couple years on another installation (FC10) with v1.1.23, by setting the "TERM" environment variable to "xterm" and I believe it ran the "tty" graphics-driver and worked just great.

However, I've set up a new box running FC11 and this same configuration doesn't seem to work... as the kernel/machine freezes as it tries to load graphics drivers.

In spelunking through the source-code for the latest WINE, I see that there's been some changes to the null-driver and renaming it to winetty... but I can't seem to find much more information on it through google-searches.

QUESTION: How can I configure a Wine 1.1.32 installation to run console-based programs (no windows, nothing by a stdlib.h print()) as headless aka tty/nulldrv/winetty (NO X-Windows).

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