[Wine] Re: error with winecfg.exe

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 14 22:27:16 CDT 2010

BOOMSSG wrote:
> Im trying to reconfigure wine 1.2-rc7 but it gives me an error messege.
> error messege says: Winecfg.exe encountered a serious problem and needs to shut down.
> Same happens when i try to uninstall an installed application in wine but then it has problems with the uninstaller.exe
> What can i do to solve this?

If winecfg won't run, something is wrong with your wineprefix. Delete or rename ~/.wine, then run winecfg from a terminal. If all goes well, a new wineprefix will be created and winecfg will start. If it doesn't, post the terminal output.

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