[Wine] Re: Olympus camera software won't install.

AverageGuy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 16 19:13:08 CDT 2010

David Shaw wrote:
> > It's not just the pdfs, I'd like to have the photo editing software since it has an easy to use stitcher for pans.
> > 
> > Jim.
> > 
> Have you tried using Hugin to stitch your pans together?  It's available 
> in the Universe repository.
> David Shaw

That's what I use presently with my old camera.  It works fine.  I had an Olympus before and the software interacts with the camera in such a way you don't have to do anything.  Because the camera tags pan image in a certain way, the Olympus software recognizes the set of images as a pan so it's almost a one click solution.  If they didn't want so much for a license I'd just install Windows under VirtualBox or Xen and be done with it.  But I hate to spend almost as much as the camera on software to make pan pictures easier.  :)

I was hoping someone would address the wine problem rather than giving me options but I guess there isn't a fix.  I sure would like to know what about the setup.exe file causes the problem.  I had pretty much the same problem with my tax software this year.  It's worked in the past so something they did new has caused the problem.  


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