[Wine] iCAMSource doesn load on Wine

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 16 21:39:53 CDT 2010

lpt001 wrote:
> I ma new to Linux.
> I have a Dell Latitude D430 Laptop running Ununtu10.04 LTS (Apr 2010)
> I installed Wine from using the Ununtu Software Center.
> Then I downloaded the Windows 32bit version of the iCamSource 1.4.2 and installed it with Wine.
> When I run it, the mouse turns to the hourglass and it looks like it is trying to load, then, nothing...
> Is there a way to debug or troubleshoot this in Wine. I get no error messages.
Are you running the program from a desktop icon, the Linux Applications 
menu or the command line (terminal)?

If you are not using the latest stable release (it was released today, 
so it may take a day or two before it is added to the Ubuntu PPA) please 
try to do so.

If you can, please try running this application from a terminal session 
and capturing a log file.  Instructions are at:


If the log file is large, please post it to a site like pastebin.com and 
provide us with the URL.

There is no entry for this program in our Applications Database. If you 
would be so kind,  please create one for us.

James McKenzie

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