[Wine] Randomly Dropping Audio / CTD

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 17 20:30:30 CDT 2010

tpreitzel wrote:
> DaVince wrote:
>> You mean the reimplementation of the entire audio system in OpenAL, right? I haven't read any news about that since the last WWN (then again, I'm not following any Wine mailing lists). It would be nice to get a little progress update about that here on the forums.
>> As for "randomly dropping audio", isn't that just a personal problem? I mean, for me, audio either works or it doesn't work, ie. your specific bug exists or doesn't exist for different setups. Of course, it does need to be addressed.
> Personal, I doubt it. I've noticed several cases of the same problem just casually browsing the forum. Although obviously related, all cases were on different hardware with different operating systems and running different applications. 
All were related, if I remember correctly, to a problem in the Linux 
Kernel.  Not a whole lot that the Wine project can do to fix a stuffed 

Also, the number of sound problems encountered on my Intel Mac is 
exactly ZERO that I have not caused myself.  Of course the Mac is smart 
enough no to use a broken sound system, either.

> Yes, I mean the reimplementation of the entire audio system in OpenAL. Something is seriously broken with the audio system in WINE.
OpenAL support is a WIP and was suspended for the code freeze.  Not all 
of it was implemented and if you are using Linux, probably not at all.

Again, the studdering/crashing was and still is not a Wine issue.  You 
need to visit Bugzilla more often.

James McKenzie

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