[Wine] The perils of GMAX

Bryan Baldwin bryan at katofiad.co.nz
Sat Jul 17 21:35:16 CDT 2010

On 07/17/2010 03:34 AM, A Nonny Moose wrote:
> I figured so much had gone wrong while messing about that I started over.
> I reinstalled UBUNTU on a fresh partition, reinstalled wine, and moved over my downloads directory.  After some messing about setting up UBUNTU the way I like it, I installed Gmax, and ran in the winetricks vcrun6 script.  Gmax has stopped hiccuping.

I heartily recommend using the WINEPREFIX to compartmentalize 
installations of programs you use with WINE. Even when you haven't, you 
could have restarted everything you'd done with gmax simply by deleting 
the .wine folder in your home directory. If you don't specify a 
WINEPREFIX, WINE will automatically create a spanking new vanilla .wine 
folder for you the next time you run a command with wine, winecfg, or 
winetricks. Reinstalling your entire operating system for WINE is so 
incredibly unnecessary!

Using WINEPREFIX also gives you the added benefit of being able to take 
any program you like using under WINE and copy it to any other computer 
you are using. Simply copy the WINEPREFIX directory and the data files 
the program created in your home directory (if any) to your other 
computer and you will find you not only have another working copy of the 
program, but also that it is in the same exact working state of the 
original installation. Very handy.

Furthermore, any special configurations needed for one program that is 
difficult to install is localized to its own WINEPREFIX, and doesn't 
effect any other programs you want to install.

Save yourself time and your hard disks wear and tear. Try WINEPREFIX today!



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