[Wine] Wine Ubuntu 10.04 Eve Online freeze crash whole system

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Wed Jul 21 05:14:28 CDT 2010

> Does it matter what order you install wine and gfx drivers  and
> winetricks changes in?
No, that shouldn't matter. Any and all top-level Linux packages can be
updated independently. Your package manager should automatically pull in
and supporting libraries, etc if they've also been updated. 

Wine, the drivers, and winetricks are all top-level separate items.

> Can you overwrite changes by reinstalling wine, or reset wine and
> winetricks to defaults without removing and re-adding them?
Yes. User-modifiable Wine settings are all contained in the Wine Prefix
which defaults to the $HOME/.wine directory and is overwritten by
changing the WINEPREFIX environment variable. To revert to standard
settings, simply delete or rename the current prefix and reinstall the
application you're trying to run.

Its a good idea to get used to using $WINEPREFIX because, by putting
each application in its own prefix, you can avoid clashes: the wine
settings for one app may stop another working if its in the same


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