[Wine] Vue xStream install problem

Silgrin4D wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 24 22:31:48 CDT 2010

Just a funny tiny thing I cannot work around... Vue xStream (a Vue landscape generator version that integrates into Maxon Cinema 3D package) asks where the Cinema 4D folder is. However, the window it provides to locate C4D catalog, has the following flaws: 
1. it does not see .wine catalogue in my home one, just displaying "non-dotted" folders only, 
2. the alternative text-based input field is too short and cuts the path! It just ends with "Program file"... and cannot get further "s/MAXON". 
Just a stupid simple thing, but I cannot work it around! Tried win-style path like "c:\Program files\MAXON", but got "couldn`t find"; tried "Progra~1" - still too long. Seems that little snag will stop me from trying a crucial app?!

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