[Wine] Re: Silent Hunter 4 1.5 on MacOS X/Wine 1.2-rc2

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 1 15:48:52 CDT 2010

James McKenzie wrote:
> doh123 wrote:
> > make sure your running in a virtual desktop... X11 sucks on Macs.
> > 
> > 
> > 
> doh123:
> Then create a Quartz interface!
> Actually, I just installed Snow Leopard and am looking forward to 
> installing XQuartz.
> The major 'brokenness' of Apple/XQuartz X11 is the lack of xrandr 
> support, which is badly needed for full screen program support. 
> I think this is one of the items implemented by CodeWeavers, but I have 
> not looked 'under the hood' nor do I want the troubles that would 
> result.  I like being on their good side and lawyers and handcuffs are 
> just not on this month's to-do list (for those who do not know, I don't 
> want to be hauled into court nor arrested for messing with CodeWeaver's 
> project code.)
> However, if they have implemented this feature, it would be nice to feed 
> the code back to the XQuartz project.
> James McKenzie

they have, but its not a full implementation.. basically it only works right with cxwine... and they use a very old x.org base....

I would love to write a quartz driver... no clue where to start... I'm not that advanced of a programmer just yet.

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