[Wine] migrating windows applications by packing wine+app in a deb?

liberavia wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 4 18:32:04 CDT 2010


I recently posted my experimental thoughts in the playonlinux forums, but I really want to open all possible channels to get feedback for the idea to deliver a complete (for the certain windows-app optimized) wine-structure, windows app and all nessassary wrapper scripts for processing the app in a deb. 
This would mean that every single application(-group) brings its own fitting wine-version. 

The advantages would be:
- Better migration of popular win apps through beeing integrated in the package-management-system.
- No version incompatibility problems (despite an app-update the windows-way)
- No installation barriers
- Possibility to exactly match certain wine configuration for the app its delivered with
- centralized updating, repositories -> software-center could be technical possible

Problems might be:
- Performance issues if more than one app+wine instance is running
- Security issues, but might be controllable via apparmor for example

Problems to deal with:
- How to build a standalone-wine instance which the wineprefix for the certain application can deal with  
- Licensing questions at the install of an app has to be ported to preinst-scripts

Whats your opinion of packaging single applications?

It was the port of teamviewer for linux that inspirated me to think about this issue. 

I unpacked the deb an had a look on the package-structure and scripts. Here is what I found out until now: 



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