[Wine] Re: Trying to Get EMBIRD32 Working Under Wine

oldefoxx wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jun 7 22:10:34 CDT 2010

Thanks.  I appreciate the continued interest and effort.  I've removed and reinstalled wine several times, and somewhere along the way I got  a message box with Windows 2000 in it.  It is difficult to sort it out now in looking back.  XP, eh?  Now you would think that would work, being further along than 2000.  Still, what works with one generally works with the other.

Winecfg.  I will go with that on my next go around.  My sister-in-law's PC is reportedly ailing in that the Windows client under VirtualBox will not start up, with a message that a SYS file is either missing or corrupted.  I just love how on target some of the messages are.  You know, with \I386 as one of the drive folders, they could not think to fix problems like this automatically when they show up?  Instead, people are forced to turn to others that might have more experience, and have to pay for it as well.

So I will get back on this soonest.  Matter of priorities right now.  If I could get completely away from Windows, that would be something to look forward to.

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