[Wine] Problems with Blood 2 - The Chosen

aloifolia wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 8 14:54:39 CDT 2010


I just tried to get Blood 2 running on my Crunchbang Machine with WineHQ 1.0.1. I didn't encounter any problems during the intallation. But when I started the installed game some issues occured.

1st: When I'm in the configuration menu and try to change the keyboard settings, the ENTER-key stayes pressed constantly so that I can't change the key mappings as I'd wish to.

2nd: When I start playing, there are hardly any textures so that almost all the game's objects (people, interior of the tube...) are white.

3rd: When the first person mode starts, I am not able to control the movements, instead the player is always looking at the ceiling and keeps shooting.

What am I doing wrong here? Did I miss any wine specific configurations?

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