[Wine] Additional files needed for Office2000 on Ubuntu 10.04?

krisjames wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 10 12:37:02 CDT 2010

Hello--As a noob to both Linux (Ubuntu) and Wine, I'd like to request advice:

After installing Ubuntu 10.04 fr/LiveCD, I installed Wine 1.1.42, included w/10.04. Wine now appears on the Ubuntu Applications menu, so it appears I'm ready to start.

I need to use Office 2000, for which I have an original CD w/Product key.

I read the Wine FAQ section 3, Installing Applications, but have a few Qs--before I insert the Office2000 CD and try to install:

1 Do I need any additional files, and/or special tweaks, to make Office2000 work w/Wine 1.1.42? I searched, and as often happens, the search created more questions. One web page suggested installing "Winetricks" but this was for Office2007 on Ubuntu8.10. Other sites also suggest additional files but the advice is for earlier versions of Wine+Ubuntu and different Office versions. But it makes me wonder: What about for my versions? Do I need additional files/packages?

2 How do I install Office 2000? Start Wine before I insert Office2000 CD in optical drive, correct? What then? If Wine is in virtual C: drive, do I simply specify the install to drive C? 

Trying hard to do it right and avoid errors--thank you for help!

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