[Wine] Re: nothing will work now

nww02 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jun 10 15:30:48 CDT 2010

James Mckenzie wrote:
> What happens when you try to run the 'broken' applications from a terminal session?

Hi There,
   Well, a variety of things, mostly video related. Before I start, let me just say that on this machine I have successfully got Directx9.0c installed. dxdiag runs, and DirectX games run just fine..  All under Wine 1.0.  All these errors are found after doing the exact same process to install Dx9 in Wine 1.2

DXSETUP.exe:  Direct X just dies with an error "DirectX is already at a higher level".  When deleting lots of DLLs, it crashes halfway through the install with an "Unknown exception".

dxdiag.exe  :  just dies silently when trying to run Direct3D test (solved in wine1.0 by changing the "ddrawex.dll to builtin, contrary to all the FAQs).

Warcraft3 :  silent death.. Hangs, I have to Kill -9 WINE :(

Unreal Tournament:  D3D death

Rosetta Stone: Just won't start. Exits immediately.

Pharaoh : Starts, gets past the intro movie and then hangs.  I have to Kill WINE.EXE to stop it.

I mainly use Wine to play old games..  When I downgrade to wine1.0, with NO other change, all the games and apps start working.

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