[Wine] Re: Wine & Pro/Intralink

icelolli wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 11 08:32:53 CDT 2010

@James McKenzie

proilink3.4.bat is the .bat for lunching the program.
The installation has no prblem.

This is the results


icelolli at ascari:/home$ wine 'c:\ptc\proiclient3.4\bin\proilink3.4.bat'
wine: Bad EXE format for C:\ptc\proiclient3.4\bin\proilink3.4.bat
icelolli at ascari:/home$


This after running cmd under wine:

> icelolli at ascari:~/.wine/drive_c/ptc/proiclient3.4/bin$ wine cmd
> Versione di CMD 1.2-rc2

> C:\ptc\proiclient3.4\bin>call proilink3.4.bat
> fixme:exec:SHELL_execute flags ignored: 0x00000100
> Non ý stato possibile eseguire l'applicazione, o nessuna applicazione ý associata con il file specificato.
> ShellExecuteEx fallito: Invalid parameter
> Path not found

In my previus  post, I've attached proilink3.4.bat file. May be useful for you.

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