[Wine] VisualBasic app, arrows for dropdown lists are not shown

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 11 22:46:18 CDT 2010

cyruspy wrote:
> Any more advices?
There is a fix for a related problem in Wine 1.2-rc3, which was released 
today.  You might try upgrading to this version.  If this does not 
correct the problem, file a bug report with all of the overrides needed 
to get the program working.  Attach to this an error log and if 
possible, code that will reproduce the problem (you need not attach your 
actual working program.)  Describe the type of database your are 
connecting to and how you are connecting to it (local system, remote 
system and type of login.)

Please understand that there is a limited number of people who:

1.  Write VB code.
2.  Write VB code to connect to a database.
3.  Understand code written by others.
4.  We are volunteers for the most part and our time is very valuable, 
as is yours.
5.  We will get to the problem when someone with the skill set looks at 
it and tries to figure out what is happening...

Does this problem occur with ANY version of Windows that the program 
will run on?

James McKenzie

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