[Wine] Re: WINE is ignoring locale settings

dziki wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 13 13:48:29 CDT 2010

James McKenzie wrote:
> I'm confused.  Looks like you have a cut-n-paste error.  What actually 
> is in your registry:  "1252" is the code page for English/C.  If that is 
> all that is appearing, something is not correct based upon what you 
> wrote here:

Sorry, it should be, for pl_PL.utf8: 1250,852. But in registry i have 1252,437 ( en_Us.C) 

> There is a way to force this, but since I'm on a Mac it does not work.  
> I actually have to change the codepage at the top of the screen for this 
> to work.

So there a way to force wine to use codepage and ignore LC_* LANG etc. ? Where can i find it?

Might it all because wine looks for UTF-8 and ignores utf8? 
I don't know if it has something in common but I found that glibc converts UTF-8 to utf8, and programs should use its functions to get locale and charsets not system vars.

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