[Wine] Re: Wine & Pro/Intralink

icelolli wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jun 14 01:35:35 CDT 2010

It's true: Pro/Intralink requires JAVA. But what we are discussing on is the client side, so does't required Oracle installed on.... I suppose.

Some infos about Pro/Intralink.
Intralink is a PDM (Product Data Management) and works in boundle with Pro/Engineer (CAD 3D). At work, we are using both on Windows.
There is a client and a server version. As I said before, the client version is my target.
I'm attempting to investigate if is possible to use these software on Ubuntu to create a better CAD workstation. Pro/Engineer is natively compiled for Linux (I've got some problem during installation, but I'm confident). Intralink not.

Thanx for all support.
Let me know how I can give you all information needed, but start from hypotesis that i'm a newbie on linux's world and in programming in general.

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