[Wine] WoW Issues

martinipunk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 15 03:17:25 CDT 2010

after a clean install of ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid) i copied a completely installed wow game over from another computer, installed wine (1.2 i believe) through the get manager. changed the opengl settings.

first issue. anything i run in wine takes over five minutes to load. the cursor changes to the thinking cursor for about thirty seconds and the opening wow.exe (or whatever.exe) bar appears on the bottom bar, then everything goes back to normal as if nothing happened. if i leave it sit for awhile and come back it will eventually load.

second issue. sound works fine but then itll just stop working completely and all of a sudden. my guess is wow doesnt want to share sound with any other applications or the like.

third issue. i can alt tab out of wow but i cannot get back into it. alt tabbing back into it will change the cursor but will not load the game.

fourth issue. since this morning i can no longer get past the server/character selection screen. after selecting a character and pressing login it changes to the loading screen the bar stays empty and the computer locks up.

fifth issue. i havent changed anything and now half the time it doesnt even load the program. after selecting open wow.exe in wine it does its normal im gonna make you sit and stare for five minutes and either changes the cursor to the wow cursor and does nothing more, or it generates an error report and after sending the error the actual error box freezes/glitches unreadable and forces me to kill it or restart. if i can get it to do it again ill screenshot and post the error report.

sixth issue. some of the inputs are buggd. for example extra mouse button bindings do what they are macro'd to but will also make my character take off on autorun. i used btnx to program macros for the buttons and there is no other key action other than what is macro'd.

seventh issue. graphics are glitchy, usually centering on another character, it sends all kinds of distortion/broken/glitched whatever through the entire screen. doesnt do it very often, usually in cities. did some reading theory is its related to the opengl issue.

thank you for reading this, i know i should search more but with all the issues combined i decided to make my own post. im a bit of a linux noob and still doing most things through the gui (i know bad me). any help or advice is appreciated. thanks.

amd phenom II 965 quadcore
msi 790fx-gd70
8gig ram
ubuntu 10.4 lucid
wine 1.2

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