[Wine] Re: Certified Fraud Prep Exam

kgalbraith wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 15 16:24:57 CDT 2010

I spent some time going through all of this.  I was floored and my resident unix/linux expert was dumbfounded this series of events happened.  He said to the best of his knowledge, and he runs IT for a top 5 bank, these errors are not related, do not happen because of each other, and utterly amazed I managed to get them all at once.

The gnome-power issue is easily resolved by uninstaling, and reinstalling.  However, my HD saying it's full, with 70g spare, prevents that from happening.

When I booted into live, it asked me for my encryption key, which i presented, it then said the drive was unmountable.  I tried F13, F12, Knoppix, Ughbuttu, and Kasparsky's  I checked my disk for errors, and it came out fine.

I decided to reinstall, but the first time it crashed.  I bugged thinking my HD was completely destroyed.  Second time through it went no problems, and other than the kernal panic trying to get the terrible b43 wifi drive set up, I'm golden.  

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